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Benefits of a scientific approach to training permanent makeup specialist

The subject dealing with unprofessional application of permanent makeup has not become irrelevant. There are many versions justifying this state if affairs. One of the main reasons is that specialists are poorly trained. To date, there are no standards for training microblading specialists; training programs are organized at the discretion of school and program owners, who take on the responsibility to train and turn out artists.

In most cases, teachers and instructions of permanent makeup and microblading are master practitioners without specific education; they do not have the methods to quickly and efficiently develop required knowledge, skills, and abilities. Unfortunately, there are not so many successful artists among instructions; they are mostly average artists, for whom teaching means additional earnings.

It is a well-known fact that you can only reach what you know yourself, so a first-class instructor should be a competent artist. However, even the best artist may not be familiar with the methodology, training , and technology required to form a food professional competence that will ensure adequate results for permanent make-up. Unprofessional training has negative consequences.

Non-professional skills are learned and become deeply ingrained. Retraining is always very difficult. If an incorrect skill becomes automatic, an enormous effort is required to change the existing way of performing work. The artist will repeat the same mistakes. For example, applying a dark color for permanent lip makeup, almost to a purple shade, constitutes a very big mistakes as it means introducing the pigment in the deeper layers of the dermis. It is obvious that, during the training course, fine motor skills and hand sensitivity were not developed; skills to determine the optimum depth for inserting the pigment were also not developed.

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Experienced microblading instructors will reveal all hidden potentials in each student. They will prepare the program so that the activities will not commence with fatal failures or unpleasant explanations with clients who are dissatisfied with the quality of their permanent make-up. Even if there are minor mistakes, or rather, defects/blemishes – which is quite natural at the beginning of a professional activity – which is quite natural at the beginning of a professional activity – they can be easily  remedied through correction. New artists, who are well trained by their instructors, will be ready to respond properly to the client’s complaints, reassure the client, maintain her trust, and make the right decision about initiating a correction. Being prepared for such incidents, knowing how to analyze such a situation without unnecessary emotions, making the correction, and obtaining the desired result will allow the novice artist to maintain the client’s self-esteem and trust, and not to be disappointed in the profession.

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