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Permanent Makeup Training in New York – Schools Cosmetic Tattoo We underwent a change in ownership in May 2010 and this has altered little to the training we provide but has seen new incentives implemented and new ideas to ensure only the best training is given to our new students and returning students at all times. […]


AREOLA RESTORATION BREAST RECONSTRUCTION: WORTH THE TRAVEL? After a mastectomy, salve many women opt for surgical breast reconstruction. However, since surgery is intimidating and invasive, many alternate reconstruction methods have been developed and are now quite popular. These new techniques may be utterly necessary, as new studies show that, post-mastectomy, women often opt out of reconstructive surgery if […]

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Permanent makeup training NYC Benefits of a scientific approach to training permanent makeup specialist The subject dealing with unprofessional application of permanent makeup has not become irrelevant. There are many versions justifying this state if affairs. One of the main reasons is that specialists are poorly trained. To date, there are no standards for training […]

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